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Nurse station vinyl flooring

Hospital Vinyl Flooring Projects: Jiaozhou Hospital

Longda Flooring’s resilient flooring is used in the area where the hospital flooring is laid. It mainly including ESD vinyl flooring and homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring. The total use area is about 60000 square meters. In the PVC product laying area, homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring uses about 50000 square meters, and ESD conductive vinyl sheet flooring uses about 10000 square meters.

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sports vinyl flooring 3

How to Deal With Sports Vinyl Flooring After Soaking?

The basic steps to deal with sports vinyl flooring after soaking are:
1) Remove any excess water
2) Dry the area
3) Inspect the flooring
4) Disinfect the flooring
5) Prevent future issues
Note: if the vinyl sports flooring is severely damage, then we will have to call the installation company to remove it and re-install new flooring.

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vinyl flooring in Kindergarden

What Are The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring in Kindergarten?

What Are The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring in Kindergarten?
The vinyl flooring in kindergarten has obvious advantages such as environmental protection, healthy material performance, comfortable body feeling, safety and durability, and beautiful pavement. It has not only become the main installation material for children’s early education centers, kindergartens, training institutions, schools and other places, but also gradually become a trend.

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