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office sheet vinyl flooring

Office Vinyl Flooring Advantages

The office is a place for specific tasks and services, a window for corporate branding, and a core venue for corporate culture. A comfortable, slip resistant, safe, colorful, environmentally friendly and healthy office not only showcases the strength of a company, but also conveys its core philosophy, leaving a good impression on customers and encouraging employees to continuously strive. Vinyl flooring is the best choice for office flooring materials.

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1 Sports vinyl flooring Heterogeneous sheet

Why Sports Vinyl Flooring is the Best Sports Flooring?

Sports Vinyl flooring is a popular new type of lightweight floor decoration material in the world today, and its excellent sports protection performance makes it the preferred choice for sports floor decoration materials. From its name alone, we can understand that it is a flooring specifically designed for sports venues.

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school vinyl flooring 1

Is Vinyl Flooring Healthy for School Flooring?

Overall, vinyl sheet flooring is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material that can be applied freely in the decoration of schools and education center. But the best way is to purchase vinyl flooring with reliable brands, so that both quality and after-sales service can be guaranteed.

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5 ESD vinyl flooring

Reasons of ESD Vinyl Flooring Trim Cracking

Some people may find that some Conductive vinyl flooring trim may crack when using them. What is the reason for the cracking? Is it safe to use ESD vinyl flooring to prevent static electricity? Let’s find a reason for everyone.

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