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Hospital Vinyl flooring 3

Longda Flooring Project Deyang Hospital

The flooring selected hospital grade homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring from Longda Flooring. The flooring is anti-slip, super durable for heavy duty traffic, waterproof, fireproof, resilient, and easy to clean.
There are lots of colors selection in this project makes the beautiful design available.

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Office commercial vinyl flooring 6

Longda Flooring: Project Rio Headquarter

The RIO cocktail brand advocates integrating health into daily life, while Longda Flooring integrates health into office space. The flooring materials are completely free of recycled materials, ortho benzene plasticizers, formaldehyde, and 19 toxic and harmful heavy metals, making them more environmentally friendly and healthy; Complies with the EU REACH regulations, does not contain 209 substances of high concern (SVHC), and is more reassuring to use; After being certified by Floorscore, the total volatile organic compound (TVOC) emissions are extremely low after 28 days, making the overall appearance more beautiful while ensuring environmental health.

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school commercial vinyl sheet flooring

16 Advantages of Commercial Vinyl Sheet Flooring

Commercial vinyl sheet flooring was widely popular in the early 21st century. It is the most commonly used and popular flooring in resilient flooring. Due to the excellent performance and environmental friendliness, it has widely replaced ceramic tiles and wood flooring in many countries as the preferred floor decoration material. So, what are the advantages of commercial sheet vinyl flooring?

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Wood Look Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring 10

The Environmental Production Function of Vinyl Flooring

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain the environment and cultivate good hygiene habits at all times. Multiple applications of renewable and recurrent products, reducing the use of disposable items, and building a green ecosystem environment require everyone’s joint efforts.

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