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vinyl flooring in Kindergarden

How to Design the Vinyl Flooring Colors?

Color is a key factor in creating an atmosphere. Vinyl flooring has a variety of designs and colors, which can be designed according to different places, allowing each space to showcase its perfect and comfortable image.

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8 floor laying - glue down

The Necessary Standards for Vinyl Flooring in Winter

The Necessary Standards for Vinyl Flooring in Winter

1. The ground is not sufficiently dry due to its dampness and coldness;

2. The ground temperature is low, making it difficult for the decorative materials to fully adhere to the ground;

3. Due to the damage of temperature, the dry consolidation rate of Adhesive is relatively slow. In order to avoid being separated from the business of enterprises, it is necessary to use rollers to continuously roll.

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4 Self leveling - laying

Why We Need Self-Leveling for Vinyl Flooring Installation?

The meaning of self leveling:
Self leveling, active solvent paint, self leveling, particle high-density epoxy floor paint architectural coating, used in ground construction sites, is a liquid chemical substance made by mixing various raw materials with water. This chemical substance can be used for fully automatic ground leveling based on uneven ground and utilizing the fluidity of the ground.

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