Longda Flooring Project Jilin Museum

Project name: Jilin Museum

Project Area: 1500 Square meter

Flooring Supplier: Longda Flooring Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring Museum vinyl flooring

With the development of the times, museums, as public places, have been endowed with more functions It is not only a desirable historical and artistic hall, but also a classroom for understanding traditional civilization, and a place to enjoy cultural leisure.


The environment of a museum directly determines the feelings of visitors. The floor, as the hardware facility that is most in contact with visitors, has higher requirements in all aspects.

Floor requirements for museums in the new era

  1. Wear resistance: Museums have high pedestrian traffic, with occasional pauses and hurries. It is necessary to ensure that they will not be damaged during long-term use, giving people a sense of comfort.


  1. Anti slip: The anti slip level of museum floors must reach R9 or above, which can provide more stability for the elderly during walking and a sense of safety for children during rapid running, ensuring the personal safety of visitors.


    3. Antibacterial properties: Museums belong to enclosed public places. Under constant temperature and humidity conditions, hair, dandruff, and body fluids are prone to mold. There are strict requirements for floor materials to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure environmental hygiene.


  1. Corrosion resistance: It is necessary to ensure that tea and coffee do not cause discoloration on the ground, maintain the original style, and remain as new for a long time.


  1. Noise reduction: Museums are places for artistic exchange and require a quiet viewing environment. When walking, the noise should be controlled within an extremely low range.


  1. Environmental friendliness: Strictly following international standards to ensure low TVOC emissions, fresh air provides a comfortable viewing experience.
Museum vinyl flooring 2

Longda Flooring adheres to the ultimate pursuit of quality, with all raw materials imported and reliable product quality

Our museum grade vinyl sheet flooring does not add plasticizers, ensuring low VOC emissions, excellent chemical corrosion resistance, extraordinary wear resistance, excellent pollution resistance, and excellent slip resistance.

The main color of the floor is blue, which understates stability and is introverted without losing its grandeur. Perfect match with the temperament of the museum.

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring refers to the process of mixing color particles with all raw materials such as rubber, powder, and pigment in the production process of rubber flooring, and stirring them evenly. Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring products have consistent quality and longer service life, making them more durable and wear-resistant.

Longda Flooring is a high-end elastic flooring material with sound absorption performance of over 10 decibels, while not producing strong light in the area that blurs the line of sight, providing a beautiful viewing experience This choice of flooring has a moderate softness and hardness, providing sufficient support while also considering the comfort of the feet.


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