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Treatment of Deformation or Arching Problem for Vinyl Flooring

The development prospects of vinyl flooring are broad, and commercial vinyl flooring can be seen in more and more occasions such as sports venues, hospitals, shopping malls, and subways. However, with the passage of time, some people have discovered problems such as deformation or arching of vinyl flooring. Should these issues be addressed?

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8 Tips on How to Maintain Vinyl Flooring

8 Tips on How to Maintain Vinyl Flooring:
1. Avoid violent and long-lasting sunlight exposure flooring
2. Avoid rain and water soaked floor
3. Avoid heavy metal sharps
4. Maintain water volume
5. Keep the floor dry and clean
6. Keep low indoor humidity
7. Keep the aesthetics of elastic flooring
8. Pay attention to daily cleaning

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Wood Look Heterogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring 5

Is Vinyl Flooring Good for Residential Application?

There has been a discussion in the industry about whether vinyl flooring is suitable for home decoration. Today, we mainly analyze the reasons why vinyl flooring is not as developed as the fixture market in the home decoration market. Below, we will talk about why vinyl flooring has not been continuously popularized in the home decoration market economy. So we can find out the misunderstanding on vinyl flooring from the public and finally with a conclusion that vinyl flooring is good for residential/home applications.

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