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14 Tips To Prolong Vinyl Flooring Life

14 Tips To Prolong Vinyl Flooring Life

At present, vinyl flooring has become a popular new building material in the market. However, if the construction is improper during the installation process, it will have a great impact on the overall effect. If the daily maintenance is improper, it will also shorten the vinyl flooring life.

The following are some common problems that can help extend the service life of your vinyl flooring.

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4 Tips on Vinyl Flooring Installation in Summer

For PVC vinyl flooring, the installation quality is very important, which directly affects the use effect and life of the floor. Good pavement can save a lot of trouble in the later stage. Now it is in hot summer, so what should we pay attention to in the pavement?

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Acceptance Standard for Vinyl Flooring Installation

Acceptance Standard for Vinyl Flooring Installation:
Whether vinyl flooring is installed at home or in public places, the acceptance of the flooring should be carried out according to the Code for Installation and Acceptance of PVC Flooring. If some items cannot be visually inspected and accepted, steel ruler should be used as much as possible to ensure accurate values.

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Is Vinyl Flooring Suitable for Flooring Heating?

When vinyl flooring is having more advantages than laminate wood flooring or hardwood flooring, it is easy to have conclusion that vinyl flooring is the better flooring for flooring heating. So we will suggest all flooring need flooring heating will choose to use vinyl flooring.

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7 Key Factors to Determine the Quality of Vinyl Sheet Flooring

7 Key Factors to Determine the Quality of Vinyl Sheet Flooring:
1) PVC Resin raw material: Virgin or recycled
2) Total thickness and wear layer thickness
3) Production process
4) Printing layer quality
5) UV coating or not on the surface
6) Thickness and density of Fiberglass layer
7) Vinyl flooring branding

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