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3 vinyl flooring pvc flooring homogeneous sheet

10 Beginner Mistakes Installing Vinyl Flooring

1) Subfloor fasteners sticking up
2) Leaving Baseboards Installed
3) No leveling the floor
4) Not undercutting door trim
5) Ending rows with small boards.
6) Thinking you need fancy tools
7) Not planning for bump outs
8) Laying similar planks next to each other
9) Putting holes on the end of a plank
10) Not following manufacturer recommendations

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1 Vinyl sheet vinyl plank pvc flooring in bathroom

What is the Best Flooring for Bathrooms?

Vinyl Flooring is the best flooring for bathrooms for below 8 factors:
1) Waterproof
2) Slip resistant
3) Antibacterial
4) Durable & scratch resistant
5) Resilient and Comfortable
6) Easy to install
7) Easy to clean and maintain
8) Lower cost

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6 removing vinyl flooring pvc flooring

6 Easy Steps to Remove Vinyl Flooring

Step 1: Pre-removing: Check the vinyl flooring carefully (Pay attention to asbestos)
Step 2: Remove The Quarter-Round And Baseboard Trim
Step 3: Start In The Middle
Step 4: Remove The Glued Part Of The Flooring
Step 5: Tackle The Glue
Step 6: Dispose Of The Flooring

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Sheet Vinyl flooring gym flooring 12

11 Factors Why Vinyl Flooring is The Best Flooring for Gym

Vinyl flooring is the best gym flooring for its waterproof, slip resistant, 15 to 30 years life expectancy, durable & scratch resistant, resilient and comfortable to walk, easy to install, easy to clean & maintain, formaldehyde-free and low TVOC(meet flooring standard), good sound absorption, lots of color selection and affordable price.

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4 vinyl flooring waxing

Ultimate Guide: How to Repair Vinyl Flooring?

1) Where do scratches come from?
2) Vinyl Flooring Repairing Step 1: Clean the Affected Area.
3) Vinyl Flooring Repairing Step 2: Smooth The Spot
4) Vinyl Flooring Repairing Step 3: Applying Wax
5) Vinyl Flooring Repairing Step 4: Replacing Deeply Scratched or Scraped Vinyl Flooring
6) Extended Tips: how to prevent scratches on Vinyl Flooring

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vinyl flooring cleaning 6

6 Tips to Clean Vinyl Flooring

1. Wipe off spills immediately
2. Use the correct cleaner
3. Take the right mop
4. Gently scrub
5. Wipe off the scuffs marks
6. Rinse
Extra tips: How to prevent the vinyl flooring from dirt

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