6 Tips to Buy Low TVOC Vinyl Flooring

Longda Flooring TVOC Introduction

Longda Flooring TVOC emissions is below quantifiable level (TVOC < 10 µg/m3)

This makes Longda Flooring on the best level of TVOC emission reduction. And one of the safest vinyl flooring in the world (Both Homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring and heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring)

Today, vinyl flooring is becoming one of the most popular flooring cause it is durable and affordable. But still some people is worrying about the TVOC from vinyl flooring cause the old technology might have higher emission on TVOC. While everything have changed now, the new technology can make the TVOC level of vinyl flooring far better than flooring industry standard.

In this article, we will give you 6 tips to buy the low TVOC vinyl flooring.

It’s an in-depth article that takes 20 minutes to read.

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What is TVOC

Researchers of indoor air quality usually call the indoor organic gaseous substances they sample and analyze as VOC, which is the abbreviation of the first letter of the three words volatile organic compound; Various VOCs measured are collectively referred to as total volatile organic compounds (TVOC)

TVOC refers to the organic matter whose saturated vapor pressure exceeds 133.32pa at room temperature, and its boiling point is 50 ℃ to 250 ℃, which exists in the air in the form of evaporation at room temperature

The World Health Organization (who), the National Academy of Sciences / National Research Council (NAS / NRC) and other institutions have always stressed that TVOC is an important air pollutant. The United States Environmental Agency (EPA) defines VOC as any carbonaceous compound that participates in photochemical reactions in the atmosphere except carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, metal carbides, carbonates and ammonium carbonate

In building material, TVOC comes from adhesives, coatings, paints, plates

In the process of interior decoration, TVOC mainly comes from paint, coating and adhesive

How TVOC affect human health?

TVOC has pungent odor, and some compounds are genotoxic. TVOC can cause the imbalance of immune level, affect the function of central nervous system, and produce conscious symptoms such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, weakness and chest tightness; It may also affect the digestive system, such as loss of appetite and nausea. In severe cases, it may damage the liver and hematopoietic system, and cause allergic reactions

Health problem cause by Air quality

6 Tips to buy low TVOC vinyl flooring

1) Phthalate-Free

In order to make vinyl flooring more durable and flexible, some manufacturers use phthalate. They are a group of chemicals that make hundreds of products, such as vinyl flooring, toys and detergents, etc. Actually this is the old technology and many people use them. But today we have limitation to use it.

While studies have not yet proved their negative impact on human health, you should still avoid them.

Phthalate-Free or total Phthalate is less than 0.1% is the legal law.

18 heterogeneous sheet vinyl flooring residential pvc flooring

2) 100% Virgin PVC resin ( PVC is main raw material for vinyl flooring)

Although many people prefer recycled PVC resin, and actually recycled material is more environmental friendly. But only virgin PVC resin can guarantee the quality of your vinyl flooring, especially on the health sector.

Of course we support recycling nowadays, this is the key for sustainability society. But it doesn’t mean that we can use recycled material for whatever products.

Recycled PVC can be made into a variety of plastics. For example, toys, wire skins, shoes, handbags, bags, ornaments, optical fiber skins, signboards and billboards, buildings, decorations, decoration supplies, furniture, rollers, pipes, door curtains, rolling doors, auxiliary medical supplies, gloves, fresh-keeping paper for some food, some fashion, etc

But it will very difficult for the recycled PVC to make it Vinyl flooring again which will last 15 to 30 years life expectancy and still with low TVOC.

So the best choice is we use recycled PVC to other products, while virgin PVC resin to vinyl flooring. In this case we can easily make quality vinyl flooring under health standard.

1 PVC virgin material for vinyl flooring

3) Smell

PVC itself is a plastic product. It’s normal to have a little plastic smell. But please follow below 2 rules:

It is only a little smell, it is not strong smell. A strong smell means the factory is using not that good material. So please don’t buy it.

Normally the smell will gone after a short period time. 50% of the smell will gone in 24 hours, and you will barely smell anything after 30 days.

A vinyl made from VOC is not safe the building, it fills the while building with dangerous odors. So we will need to make sure the smell is very little, and will gone soon.

vinyl sheet heterogeneous commercial flooring residential flooring natural hardwood look

4) Brand

Brand is very important; this is the quality and reputation build on the vinyl flooring.

There are 2 suggestions:

Suggestion 1: Please choose the world famous brand, such as Armstrong, Tarkett, etc. We cannot guarantee that the flooring from these brands are 100% guarantee in good quality, but at least it should be with higher chance of that.

Suggestion 2: For bigger projects, you can contact the manufacturer directly. You can check with the factory introduction, or you can even go to the factory for inspection. In this case you will have the good quality vinyl flooring, and TVOC will sure not a problem.

heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring pvc roll

5) Flooring Spec

Please make sure you read the spec. Normally for good quality flooring, they will list the TVOC in the spec file, so please read it carefully and make sure you have the correct selection.

If it is not listed in spec file, you can check with the customer service and find out the answer. Please do not buy these brands without TVOC info.

heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring pvc roll

6) Installation

Installation is also important to make sure you have low TVOC.

It is true you need to buy the flooring itself with low TVOC, but you also need to make sure the installation process is also with low VOC or no VOC. It is cool if we use loose lay and click lock flooring, but that’s only small percentage of total vinyl flooring sales. No matter it is glue down or peel and stick, there will be adhesives during installation, we will also make sure the adhesives are safe in the standard of VOC.

5 vinyl sheet floor laying - glue down

Extra tips:

Please test the TVOC right after your flooring installation.

TVOC emission is fast at the very beginning. 50% in first 24 hours, and 90% in 30 days.

Please try to open the door and window if possible at the beginning right after installation or change the air often.

Environmental friendly

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring and heterogeneous vinyl flooring are perform better in TVOC

Homogeneous sheet vinyl is in single layer structure, so there will not be any adhesive for the flooring itself. As long as you are using virgin PVC resin, it should be no problem in TVOC and it is formaldehyde free.

Heterogeneous sheet vinyl has more layers, but it is using rolling technology so there will not be any additive problem which contains unhealthy chemicals. And it is also formaldehyde free.

As long as you are using environmental sound glue during installation, then it should be able to have low TVOC installed vinyl sheet flooring.

That’s why both homogeneous sheet vinyl and heterogeneous sheet vinyl are hospital grade vinyl floorings. 

2 Heterogeneous pvc wall covering vinyl sheet

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