Longda, the leading vinyl sheet manufacturer in China

For those companies who want to import the vinyl sheet from China, they will always have below questions:

  1. Which company is the leading vinyl sheet manufacturer in China?
  2. Which company has the best quality of vinyl sheet in China?
  3. Which company has the best service for sheet vinyl production in China?
  4. Which company has the stock of sheet vinyl flooring in China?
  5. Which company has the most stylish pattern design in China?
  6. Which company has the fast delivery of sheet vinyl flooring order in China?

The answer is Longda flooring. (The largest vinyl sheet flooring  manufacturer from China)

Longda flooring have 2 factories, each has 100,000 m² areas. With total 2 homogeneous production lines and 2 heterogeneous production lines, the annual capacity of vinyl sheet is more than 36 million m². (Largest in China)

 With more than 300 patterns so far and still increasingly each month, Longda flooring sets new standards for innovation and leading the market trend.

From 2003, the year we set up our first heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring production line, till the year of 2020, we have 2 factories of total 4 sheet vinyl flooring lines. With more than 36 million m² annual capacity, Longda flooring is now becoming the leading vinyl sheet manufacturer in China, and we are the benchmark in this industry.

Leading homogeneous vinyl sheet manufacturer

Being also as a global leader in the vinyl sheet industry, we are working closely with our both domestic and oversea customers to create innovative designs for their projects. We manufacture and supply long-lasting, high quality products that meet our customers’ needs for longevity with low maintenance costs.

You may ask how we are managing to become the leading vinyl sheet supplier in China. Below you may find some clues for it.

1) History of Longda

Longda group is found in 1991, but in flexible packaging industry.

With humble beginning of 1 printing machine, 2 converting machine in 1991;

Till today, Longdapac is one of the biggest flexible packaging supplier in our province. And it is the first high barrier MDO-PE film supplier and high barrier mono-material pouches supplier from China. We have:     

  • Factory area: 30,000 m2
  •  Workers: 220
  • Co-extrusion machine: 15
  • Lamination machine: 4
  • Printing machine: 5 (up to 10 colors and 200cm width)
  • Converting machine: 18
  • Annual production: 25,000 tons

We got the honor of the high tech company in our province and also the packaging committee member in our province.

2) The inspiration of moving into flooring business.

For high barrier laminated flexible packaging, the process as below:

  • Film blowing ( we produce each layer film separately first)
  • Printing ( We print on one piece of film)
  • (We laminate all the film together.)

Is above sounds familiar? Yes this is the same production process for heterogeneous vinyl flooring production, or we call it laminated vinyl flooring.

We spent one year to do the market research and find out that vinyl flooring market is in rapid growing each year, and it is likely to keep growing till 2050 for below product advantages:

  • 100% recyclable ( Sustainability is the core competence for all the factories right now, when a product is using less raw and 100% recyclable, it is very likely to be the product trend in the future. reinvented vinyl sheet flooring will be available after recycling our vinyl flooring)
  • Antibacterial and fungicidal ( No doubt this is essential for hygienic facility, ceramic tile is used to be the choice for hospital operation room , but this is far from enough, weaponry against bacteria, mold spores that can lead to infection in surgery, this is very important.)
  • Fire resistant (think about wood and bamboo flooring when there is a fire and you will know how important it is to have fire resistant function on the floor. With fire resistant flooring, you will no need to worry that the building will be destroyed by flames)
  • Water proof ( This will make the flooring life longer; when the floor is water resistant, meaning that it can handle light moisture without becoming damaged. Mold will still grow on the material if left unchecked for too long but you can added bonus of being able to sweep up any spills or accidents with ease.))
  • Skid Resistant ( This will make the flooring safer, so you won’t have any worries about it being slippery when walking around.)
  • Light weight ( This will help to make the whole building stronger cause this building material is less weight stand on it.)
  • Durable, scratch resistant ( This surface treatment will make the flooring life longer. It can withstand heavy traffic without showing any sign of wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for airport and traffic station.)
  • Resilient and comfortable ( this is very comfortable for children, olderly, and pet. this resilient flooring will keep you warm in the winter or cool during the summertime.)
  • Easy to install with roll (this can save a lot of money)
  • Easy to clean and maintain ( this is also cost saving, cleaning & maintaining will be very costly for large buildings, so the cost of everyday usage is important)
  • Custom print available, luxury patterns, stylish designs ( you cannot print on wood, natural stone, bamboo, and you need patterns on the floor, then vinyl flooring the best one cause it can be printed, and the printing is very beautiful.)
  • Lower cost. ( this is cost saving when comparing to wood, bamboo and carpet.)

So, we decided to move into flexible vinyl business.

3) Luxury Vinyl tile/plank or vinyl sheet?

Even though we make the decision to move into vinyl flooring business, but there is still a choice to make: luxury vinyl tile/plank or vinyl sheets, which product should we choose.

Flooring type Pros Cons
Vinyl sheet Less sealing more beautiful; Easier to clean; With more pvc material, more comfortable; Higher quality, less quality problem Higher requirement for the installation surface; A littiel bit more difficult to install; Difficult to repair, production line is expensive; Price is higher.
Luxury vinyl tile/plank Production line cost is much lower; Easier to install; Easier to repair; Lower price more sealing looks not that good; lower quality; not that easy to clean;

Regarding the installed price of vinyl tile/plank and sheet vinyl, since there is always high end and low end products. So it is more or less the same. 

But more importantly, when we look at the custom data, we found that

  • There are more than 100 vinyl tile/plank factories in China, while only less than 10 factories for vinyl sheet.
  • Chinese supplies more than half of global vinyl tile/plank, but less than 10% of vinyl sheet.

The decision is easy to make: vinyl sheet has much bigger potential for us. And our financial situation is very healthy that can support us to make this decision.

4) Introduction of Longda flooring

Started from 2003, Longda flooring have been successfully provided more than 150 million m² sheet vinyl flooring  to both commercial and residential customers.

 Longda flooring is the leading homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China. We have 2 factories: Hebei Luju Plastic Products & Inner Mongolia Luju Plastic Products; each has 100,000 m² area. With total 2 homogeneous production lines and 2 heterogeneous production lines,  the annual capacity of vinyl sheet is more than 36 million m².

After hard working of  more than 18 years, Longda flooring is named the National Excellent and Famous product, and we are now the member of Chinese flooring committee

We have 500 employees, among that more than half are college graduate. As leading vinyl sheet flooring supplier in China, huge variety of design is one of our advantages. With more than 300 patterns so far and still increasingly each month, we are leading the market trend. Our main products included:

ESD (electrostatic discharge) vinyl sheet which prevents a build-up of static electrical charges in the human body by dissipates charges on the ground. This is a permanent solution that delivers perfect long term results because it is grounded. The safety of people and related equipments are guaranteed.

Homogeneous ESD vinyl sheet PVC sheet vinyl flooring commercial & hospital grade

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring is the one single layer flooring with same content from top to bottom made by same mixed raw materials. With the advantages of high durability, low maintenance, scratch resistance, antibacterial and fungicidal treatments; it is the perfect choice for heavy traffic areas such as hospital, airport, station, mall, office, school, workshop and GYM

Homogeneous commercial vinyl sheet flooring roll pvc flooring sheet vinyl

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring is the multi layer flooring with different contents from top bottom. It combines with UV layer, Wear layer, Printed layer, Glass-fiber layer and Backing layer. It can be custom printed with all kinds of stylish patterns and innovation designs. With the advantage of cushioning, comfort, waterproof, durability and affordability, it is the perfect choice for public areas need luxury vinyl sheet such as: school, mall, office, GYM and workshop.

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet pvc flooring GYM commercial luxury pattern

Vinyl wall covering can be called vinyl wall protection; normally it is made by heterogeneous structure, while sometimes with homogeneous structure; but with thinner thickness. It will have all the functions that vinyl sheet have, but lower spec in all aspects cause there is less traffic than flooring on it and the main function is to protect the wall from dirty, damp and bacterial environment. This is the perfect choice for hospital and school. Especially it can be custom printed with your stylish patterns

Heterogeneous pvc wall covering vinyl sheet

This article is written by Longda Flooring (www.longdaflooring.com), the largest vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China. 

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