Chinese Vinyl Flooring Market in 2023 (Supply & Demand From Factory's Sales Report)

According to Chinese Vinyl Flooring factory’s sales report and Chinese Custom Data, the Chinese Vinyl flooring market supply & Demand from 2019 to 2022 as follows:

Vinyl flooring factory sales report 2022

As we can see from above data that the vinyl flooring market is going up a lot even after the pandemic. And we can see from the sales data from 2023 that it is also keep going up.

In this article, we will talk about the export, supply and demand on Chinese Vinyl Flooring Market.

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Vinyl Flooring Market in China

1) What is Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl flooring refers to the flooring produced with PVC materials. Specifically, it is produced by taking polyvinyl chloride and its copolymer resin as the main raw material, adding fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants and other auxiliary materials on sheet continuous substrate through coating process or calendering, extrusion or extrusion process

Also known as “light floor material”, it is a very popular new type of light floor decoration material in the world and widely used, such as houses, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories, public places, supermarkets, businesses, etc.

Other name: PVC flooring, homogeneous vinyl flooring & heterogeneous vinyl flooring.

Vinyl sheet flooring PVC flooring rolls

2) Vinyl Flooring types and advantages

There are 5 ways to define different types of vinyl flooring

In terms of structure: homogeneous flooring and heterogeneous flooring.

In terms of installation: glue down, click and loose lay.

In terms of materials: Vinyl sheet,CVT, LVT, WPC and SPC

In terms of size: vinyl sheet, vinyl tile and vinyl plank.

In terms of application: commercial, residential and sport vinyl flooring

Advantages of vinyl flooring:

  1. Green and environmental protection
  2. Ultra light and ultra-thin
  3. High wear resistance
  4. High resilience
  5. Skid resistant
  6. Fire resistant and flame retardant
  7. Waterproof and moisture-proof
  8. Antibacterial and fungicidal
  9. Sound absorption and noise reduction
  10. Custom print available, luxury patterns, stylish colors
  11. Quick installation
  12. Convenient maintenance
  13. Cost saving
  14. Long life cycle

That’s why vinyl flooring is the choice for more and more projects.

11 sheet vinyl flooring homogeneneous pvc flooring roll

3) Development of vinyl flooring in China

From a global perspective, vinyl flooring has developed earlier and is widely popular in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea in Asia. In contrast, vinyl flooring developed relatively late in China and began to enter the domestic market in the 1980s. Until 2000, the whole vinyl flooring industry was in the primary exploration stage; From 2000 to 2004, vinyl flooring began to enter the initial stage of development in China; From 2004 to 2008, vinyl flooring was gradually recognized by the market. Especially with the successful holding of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, domestic sports vinyl flooring and commercial vinyl flooring were gradually affirmed by domestic customers. More and more stadiums and competition venues began to choose professional sports vinyl flooring; Since 2008, China’s vinyl flooring has entered a stage of rapid development, and the whole market operation tends to be mature. Domestic southeast coast and developed cities have become popular in a large area, such as some supermarkets, hospitals, schools, office buildings, factories and other places have begun to be used

Compared with foreign countries, there is still a certain gap in the popularity of vinyl flooring in China, but after decades of development, people have recognized vinyl flooring. At present, plastic flooring is widely used in medical treatment, elderly care, education, commerce, office, sports, fitness, workshops and other places. Vinyl flooring has occupied a very important position in floor decoration materials. According to the statistics of China Resilient Flooring Association, the production of Vinyl flooring in China has increased steadily. By 2021, the production of plastic flooring in China was 1191 million m2.

Although vinyl flooring technology is imported from abroad to China, China’s export volume of vinyl flooring cannot be underestimated. The domestic demand of plastic flooring is almost in direct proportion to the export volume. With the advantages of low labor cost and complete industrial chain, China has become the largest producer and exporter of vinyl flooring. The export volume has increased steadily from 2014 to 2019. Even thought the world is affected by the pandemic in 2020, the export volume of vinyl flooring still maintained a high growth of more than 10%. China’s export countries of vinyl flooring mainly include the United States, Canada, Germany, Southeast Asia and many other countries, of which the number exported to the United States is the largest, accounting for nearly half.

PVC flooring is still a fast-growing industry in China, and the industry competition is increasing day by day. More and more people are involved in the PVC flooring industry. Some people come in and some leave. After a period of baptism, the whole industry can only leave enterprises that put products and services in the first place. The time after the pandemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for the PVC flooring industry

Vinyl Sheet Flooring rolls

4) China Vinyl Flooring Market in 2023

It is really fast growing of China vinyl flooring market, included export, domestic consumption and total production. According to the Chinese Vinyl Flooring Factory Association Report, the vinyl flooring grows more than 10% each year for the last 20 years. And it is forecast that the vinyl flooring market will keep growing for the next 10 years by at least 8% each year.

LVT is the one with very fast growing, homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring, heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring, and ESD sheet vinyl flooring are also enjoy fast growing too.

Vinyl flooring factory sales report 2022

5) Future Development trend of Vinyl Flooring

In recent years, vinyl flooring represented by sheet sheet, LVT, SPC and WPC has become a building decoration material with an increasingly wide range of applications because of its light weight, wear resistance and flame retardant. The production and sales volume has shown explosive growth. In the future, domestic demand and export will become a strong engine for the development of domestic PVC flooring. The broad market and rapidly growing demand attract more and more enterprises to enter this field, and the PVC flooring industry is ushering in the opportunity of rapid development.

Future development trend of vinyl flooring

Installation technology requirements are higher and higher

The unlimited requirements for the safety of decorative materials and the insatiable pursuit of decorative effects will greatly change the simple installation process of existing vinyl flooring. In order to better show the colorful decorative effect of vinyl flooring, the requirements for the technical level of installation companies and installation personnel will be higher and higher, which will promote the more mature construction technology and the more standardized industry.

The industrial division of labor is becoming more and more detailed

With the more and more extensive use of vinyl flooring, a relatively standardized sales and installation system has been slowly established, with detailed division of labor. Suppliers are very familiar with materials and performance. They are the best construction organizers, and have become one of the most remarkable characteristics of this industry.

Resource integration promoted large-scale production and strengthened industrial concentration

The number of output enterprises of vinyl flooring is large, and the production technology level of each enterprise is different, resulting in different quality of floor products and poor large-scale production capacity. With the improvement of environmental protection index requirements and the diversity and personalized development of consumers’ needs, enterprises with scale effect, advanced technology and strong capital will occupy greater competitive advantages, and finally form large-scale enterprises with brand effect to realize resource integration.

Technology driven R & D and continuous technological innovation

In order to meet the more stringent requirements of environmental indicators and consumer needs, the vinyl flooring industry needs to carry out product development and design closer to the market in order to improve the core competitiveness of products.

Vinyl sheet flooring is becoming more and more popular for commercial application

With all those advantages, vinyl sheet is becoming the best choices for commercial application. You will see more and more places below will choose sheet vinyl flooring:

shopping mall




public center

super market


traffic station




6) 10 Best Vinyl flooring Brands in China

Found in 2003, Longda flooring is the largest vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China. Included: Homogeneou vinyl sheet flooring, heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring, and ESD vinyl sheet. We have 2 factories, each has 100,000 m² area. With total 2 homogeneous production lines and 2 heterogeneous production lines,  the annual capacity of vinyl sheet is more than 36 million m².

As a subsidiary of LX group, LX hausys is committed to creating a happy living space integrating with nature for customers based on excellent products and independent R & D technical force. It is a well-known building decoration material enterprise in Korea. At present, production and sales networks have been established in 13 countries and regions around the world

Thomas Armstrong started his company in 1860 as a two-man cork-cutting shop in Pittsburgh.

Armstrong Flooring offers an extensive portfolio of resilient flooring products, developed to provide exceptional design, durability and value. We have more than a 150 year commitment to being the most trusted flooring resource known for superior service and support, uncompromising quality, and persistent innovation. It’s evident in everything we do – and it’s why more people confidently choose, specify, and trust Armstrong Flooring products than any other brand in the industry.

Rickett companies is a manufacturer of elastic plates with excellent technology and the inventor of quartz floor and torsion King floor; In the 60 years history of RIKETT, it has been developing in the forefront of industry technology research and development. It has established production bases in Norway, the United States, Botswana, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and China, and has supplied over 1 billion 500 million square feet of excellent resilient flooring for global customers.

Jiefu group creates and produces plastic flooring, wall materials and accessories with market innovation, sense of design and sustainability, and provides technical and decorative overall solutions for different fields. The fields that our products can cover include but are not limited to: home decoration, medical care, education, industry, office, retail, public places, transportation, sports, etc. Jiefu group has gathered many global famous brand products in the plastic flooring industry, such as taraflex ®, Mipolam ®, Tarabus ®, Connor Sports ®, Sportcourt ® And Gradus ® etc.

Jiangsu kendiya Wood Industry Co., Ltd., founded in 2003, has built a 600 mu modern flooring production base in kendiya Industrial Park, Danyang Economic and Technological Development Zone, a famous historical and cultural city, and has become a model factory in the global wood flooring industry

Tarkett group, founded in 1880, is a global supplier of innovative flooring and sports flooring solutions, with annual sales of 2.8 billion euros. It has more than 12000 employees and 33 production bases around the world. Its business covers more than 100 countries and regions, with an average daily sales area of 1300000 square meters. It has many well-known brands: Tarkett, desso, Johnson site, tandus centiva, Tarkett sports, FieldTurf, Beynon and rhinofloor. Products include: PVC floor, linen floor, carpet, rubber floor, solid wood and laminate floor, artificial turf and plastic runway, which are widely used in hospitals, schools, houses, hotels, offices, retail and sports venues. Dejia adheres to the sustainable development principle of “doing good. Together” and follows the principle of “from cradle to cradle” ®” Concept, adopt ecological innovation strategy, advocate circular economy, improve people’s health and enhance people’s happiness.

Forbo is a global leader in resilient flooring. Committed to the combination of environmental protection, practicality and design.

The rich product line ensures that you can find the right choice in every ground area of your building.

Fulbo will strictly abide by various safety regulations issued by the governments of all countries and regions conducting business to ensure the health of customers and employees. The customer service department provides you with product support and services 24 / 7 on-line

Polyflor specializes in producing vinyl flooring, which is fashionable and durable with low maintenance cost. It can be supplied in the form of coiled materials, laths and blocks.

In November 1999, Eletile Co., Ltd. was established. It is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in PVC floor production in China. In 2005, the company invented a subversive and innovative product – suspended floor, which was officially introduced to the market in 2007, with a revenue of more than 500 million yuan. In November 2017, Eletile Co., Ltd. completed the joint-stock transformation and officially changed its name to Zhangjiagang Eletile Home Technology Co., Ltd., with a revenue of more than 1 billion yuan in that year


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