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6 sheet vinyl flooring heterogeneous pvc flooring roll

Top 10 Vinyl Flooring Factories in China

China is the most important producer of vinyl flooring, and there are many enterprises engaged in vinyl flooring production.
More than 95% of the SPC and WPC are made in China.
More than 70% of LVT and LVP are made in China
More than 40% of Vinyl sheet is made in China.

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6 sheet vinyl flooring heterogeneous pvc flooring roll

Top 10 Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in China

Although the popularity of vinyl flooring in China is low, PVC flooring has covered residential, commercial office buildings, stadiums, hospitals, schools and other fields in recent years, and the industry is about to enter the stage of rapid development. In 2020, the Chinese market consumption of vinyl flooring is 398 million m2, and 438 m2 in 2022; with an average annual growth rate of 10%, and great growth potential in the coming years.

In this article we will list top 10 vinyl flooring suppliers in China.

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Water resistant vinyl flooring

Is Vinyl Flooring Water Resistant or Waterproof? (Your Ultimate Guide)

1) What is Water Resistant?
2) What is Waterproof?
3) What is the difference between water resistant and waterproof vinyl flooring?
4) 3 Factors to make it waterproof vinyl flooring
5) Are CVT, LVT and LVP waterproof or water resistant?
6) Are SPC and WPC waterproof or water resistant?
7) What category in vinyl flooring is truly waterproof? The answer is only vinyl sheet flooring

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