Office Vinyl Flooring Project: Beijing Gehua Building

Beijing Gehua Building Community was officially opened. With the introduction and landing of the new joint office community, the old office buildings also glow with new brilliance.

Project name: Beijing United Office Gehua Building – innovative service office space

Project area: 16,000 square meters

Flooring provider: Longda Flooring ( Star Rock Series)

As a new model of shared office space, the joint office community aims to realize the work of different companies in the joint office community, and Addis Ababa has provided high-quality solutions for this Gehua Building project.


Adis Group adopted the Star Roce Series from Longda Flooring to create a high-strength, wear-resistant fireproof grade A floor system for the office area. Transform the old single-family property into a standard office floor with soft style and vitality.


After the construction and transformation, the whole space is simple and generous. The huge window makes the whole space very bright, integrates more modern industrial style, and adds various fashionable elements to make the office area unique.

Project pictures

Office Vinyl Flooring 1
Office Vinyl Flooring 2
Office Vinyl Flooring 4
Office Vinyl Flooring 5

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