Hospital Vinyl Flooring Projects: Jiaozhou Hospital

Jiaozhou Hospital, the Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, is a three-level comprehensive hospital invested and constructed by Jiaozhou City and fully managed by Shanghai Oriental Hospital (the Oriental Hospital affiliated to Tongji University). It is located in the Dagu River Provincial Ecotourism Resort, covering an area of 6.61 hectares, with a total construction area of 169000 square meters, including 118000 square meters of aboveground construction area, 51000 square meters of underground construction area, and a total of 1000 planned beds.

Longda Flooring’s resilient flooring is used in the area where the hospital flooring is laid. It mainly including ESD vinyl flooring and homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring. The total use area is about 60000 square meters. In the PVC product laying area, homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring uses about 50000 square meters, and ESD conductive vinyl sheet flooring uses about 10000 square meters.

Children's ward, children's infusion room and waiting room:

Longda flooring can provide you with diversified design options and personalized mosaic technology, which helps to create a beautiful and comfortable environment to meet the needs of pediatric wards, pediatric infusion rooms and waiting rooms.

You can carry out creative design for the floor or choose the matching floor color according to the characteristic wall design, so as to create an environment conducive to health and rehabilitation.

Children's patient room vinyl flooring

Nurse station, patient's room and corridor:

The atmosphere of the ward and the nurse station is the most important for the healing environment that is receiving more and more attention. Longda flooring can provide a variety of colors and design schemes, which help promote the rehabilitation process of patients in a warm environment. It has been scientifically verified that the interior design of hospitals and clinics has a significant impact on the psychological state of patients.

Colorful/create a warm atmosphere

Disinfectant resistant floor surface

Easy cleaning and low maintenance cost

Carridor vinyl flooring
Waiting room vinyl flooring

Operating room, emergency room:

In the operating area, the floor must bear the dynamic high pressure load generated by the operating table and electrical equipment at the same time. Therefore, the requirements for the mechanical bearing capacity of the operating room floor are very high. The high-quality PVC floor can transmit and disperse these concentrated loads to a large area of the base layer, thus avoiding the damage to the base layer.

Longda floor can provide static dissipative floor with multiple levels and surface design to meet the different requirements of the operating room. In terms of hygiene, Longda flooring can also withstand the commonly used disinfectants and other medical substances that can cause discoloration in the operating room.

Operating room vinyl flooring

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