School Vinyl Flooring Project: Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Nanning

Harrow Innovation Leadership Academy Nanning is an important member of Harrow family.


Haro Nanning covers an area of about 66000 square meters. The southwest corner of the project is connected to the Longgang Station of Metro Line 4 with convenient transportation. Haro Nanning has a total of 1460 degrees and can provide boarding services for 260 students above grade 4. From east to west, the campus is divided into kindergarten, junior high school, senior high school and dormitory. Each teaching area is relatively independent.


At present, the project has been put into use. Harrow integrates China’s excellent educational tradition of “upholding etiquette and morality”, trains students into excellent leadership talents with “Chinese soul and international vision”, and becomes the link between China and the world in the future.

Product applications:

  1. ESD vinyl flooring
  2. Dance vinyl flooring
  3. Sports vinyl flooring
  4. Heterogeneous vinyl sheet
  5. Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

Longda Flooring is the supplier of all vinyl flooring. 

ESD vinyl flooring is for the testing lab. 

Dance vinyl flooring for dancing room

Sports vinyl flooring is for indoor basketball vinyl flooring, and outdoor sports vinyl flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet and homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring are for hall, classroom, carridor, library, etc. 

school vinyl flooring 3
school vinyl flooring 4


The campus planning takes the field, courtyard and corridor as the theme, continues the century-old education inheritance, starts from the overall perspective, combines the spatial characteristics of Oriental Academy, creates hardware facilities through modern educational facilities and humanized learning environment, and creates high-quality campus learning places with excellent environment, management and education quality. The school has teaching facilities such as auditorium, library, computer classroom, science laboratory, maker’s classroom, Chinese traditional culture classroom, piano room, dance room, handicraft room, etc., which can accommodate 900 people. At the same time, it is also equipped with sports facilities such as 12-person football court, swimming pool and indoor basketball court with match standards.

school vinyl flooring 5

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