Top 7 ESD Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Canada

ESD vinyl flooring is very important in our daily life. It will eliminate where the build up of static electricity can be an issue and needs to be resolved. This will help to save people’s life and also help to protect equipments.

Canada is the # 3 largest countries globally in vinyl flooring consumption. Luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank, SPC and vinyl sheet are all selling very good in Canada. ESD vinyl flooring is one of the key vinyl floors in Canada. It is widely use in clean room, data center, computer center, telecommunication center. But most of the ESD vinyl flooring is imported, mostly from USA and China.

Today we will list the 7 best ESD vinyl flooring suppliers in Canada.

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Top 7 ESD Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Canada

Company type: manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, importer

Year found: 1860

Main product: homogeneous vinyl flooring, ESD vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, hospital grade vinyl flooring, hybrid flooring, rigid core flooring, safety vinyl flooring, wall covering, anti-static vinyl flooring, woven vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, SPC, sheet vinyl rolls, vinyl composite tile,


Armstrong has been in flooring business for more than 150 years. We serve homes, schools, offices, stores, and hospitals. We are now the largest resilient flooring company in North America.


We have production facilities in USA, which will enable us to ship to both USA and Canada in a short time. Made in USA is our biggest advantage.

Our team is dedicated to provide the highest levels of innovation, quality and service. Their expertise will sure deliver the best flooring experience from us.


Sustainability is our core value. Throughout our history, we always act responsibly by recycling waste and conserving resources wherever possible.

Company type: Manufacturer, distributor, wholesale,

Year Found: 1886

Main Product: homogeneous sheet, ESD vinyl sheet, heterogeneous sheet, Vinyl flooring, Linoleum flooring, Carpet flooring, Rubber flooring, Wood and laminate flooring, Synthetic turf, and Athletic tracks, luxury vinyl tiles,


With a history spanning over 140 years, Tarkett is a worldwide leader in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, with net sales of more than € 2.8 billion in 2021. Offering a wide range of products including vinyl, linoleum, rubber, carpet, wood and laminate flooring, artificial turf and athletics tracks, the Group serves customers in over 100 countries across the globe. Tarkett has 12,000 employees and 34 industrial sites, and sells 1.3 million square meters of flooring every day, for hospitals, schools, housing, hotels, offices, stores and sports fields. Committed to change the game with circular economy and to reducing its carbon footprint, the Group has implemented an eco-innovation strategy based on Cradle to Cradle® principles, fully aligned with its Tarkett Human-Conscious Design® approach. Tarkett is listed on Euronext Paris (compartment B, ISIN: FR0004188670, ticker: TKTT) and is included in the following indices: SBF 120 and CAC Mid 60 indexes.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer

Year found: 1947

Main product: sheet vinyl, homogeneous vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, ESD vinyl flooring, safety vinyl flooring, resilient sheet, luxury vinyl, sports vinyl flooring, vinyl wall cladding, rubber flooring, carpet tile, carpet broadloom, adhesives, LVT, LVP, SPC, carpet, hardwood, laminate flooring, ceramic tile, porcelain tile,


Primco is found in 1947, from the business of building materials. Then in the late 80’s, we decided to give up the building materials and focus on flooring distribution.

We are sourcing all over the world, bringing quality flooring coverings to Canadian. All of floor materials are sourcing from world class manufacturers, the start of art equipments in their facilities will enable to send us the best quality flooring.

We also focus on design. We will make sure our flooring materials are leading the market trend. We will work closely with the flooring designer and get the best flooring colors.

Customer satisfaction is our company goal, we will deliver out of customers’ expectations. Our track record gains us reputation in flooring business.

We are now one of the leading flooring material distributors in Canada. And we are working hard to keep our successful work.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesale, installation

Year Found: 2007

Main Product: ESD tile, ESD vinyl sheet, static dissipative ESD tile, dissipative carpet tile, ESD epoxy, ESD rubber tile, ESD rubber sheet flooring, ESD interlocking flooring, ESD solid vinyl tile, ESD conductive rubber flooring, ESD conductive vinyl flooring


StaticWorx takes a team-oriented approach to solving static problems. Each project begins with a discussion of the client’s goals and objectives and thorough analysis of the application and environment. Sharing technical details, industry standards and test methods, and objective information, backed by repeatable data and independent lab reports, we help clients write specifications that meet all the electrical and environmental parameters for their application.

Along with customized ESD flooring solutions, we provide ongoing technical support, from conception through maintenance, for every application.

We also offer AIA-accredited workshops to educate architects and designers on static control.

At StaticWorx, we take pride in designing innovative solutions to ESD flooring problems.

Company type: manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 1915

Main product: homogeneous flooring, heterogeneous flooring, anti-static vinyl flooring, sports vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, vinyl flooring rolls, patterned vinyl flooring, acoustic vinyl flooring, commercial sheet vinyl flooring,


Polyflor is committed to provide stylish and practical flooring solutions both residentially and commercially. We will make sure our flooring is with superior quality and outstanding design.


Sustainability is our company core value. We believe the flooring we made will help a better internal and external environment. Our vinyl flooring is beautiful looks inside, and little impact outside on the earth.


We provide a variety of flooring solutions to meet the needs of elderly care, retail stores, healthcare, hospital, school, and so on. We deliver excellent quality and unique solutions to all what you need.

Originally from UK, Polyflor is now a global company and leading manufacturer in vinyl flooring industry. With our talented employees, we can keep supply quality flooring globally.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesale, installation, manufacturer

Year Found: 1922

Main Product: ESD vinyl flooring, ESD epoxy flooring, flooring solution, lining solution, wall solution


Stonhard is the unprecedented leader in manufacturing and installing high performance floors. Our seamless, long lasting, easy to clean systems are engineered for both industrial and commercial markets. We also bring the same performance to our wall and lining systems.


Joining form and function, our floors are the dependable go-to choice for tough manufacturing environments, while still honoring innovative design for commercial environments. Epoxy, urethane and fast-track methyl methacrylate resin-based systems deliver a broad range of options for every market and application.


From the start of your project to its finish, from specifications and design to project management and final walkthrough, you work with us directly.  For a century we’ve been delivering proven, single-source service; covering both your products and installation.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesale, installation,

Year Found: 1959

Main Product: ESD vinyl sheet flooring, sheet vinyl, ESD sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile, LVT, luxury vinyl plank, LVP, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, natural stone, hardwood flooring, carpet, rug, laminate flooring, waterproofing, cork, bamboo flooring, sports vinyl flooring, leather flooring, healthcare vinyl flooring, safety vinyl flooring, medical vinyl flooring,

Grad valley tile

Found in 1959, Grand Valley Tile & Flooring is a Canadian family owned business. We have been serving in flooring covering industry for more than 60 years. We are so proud about this long period time that we can serve our clients. We are helping them to live a modern and comfortable life.

We provide a vast selection of flooring materials. From resilient to wood, from ceramic to natural stone flooring, we are supplying all of them. Among which, we also supply leading the market trend style and colors, so we will be able to fit your needs no matter what kind of interior design you have.

We are you one stop flooring solution provider. From flooring consultant, flooring sales, flooring installation, to after flooring installation support, our skillful employees will provide you best service all time.

Alternative choice: ESD Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers from China

If you are buying a big quantity, or you need ESD vinyl flooring for commercial projects; you can also buy the ESD vinyl flooring from China.

Top 10 ESD Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in China

Among which, Longda flooring is the largest vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China.

Main products included:

Homogeneous vinyl flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl flooring

ESD vinyl flooring (Clean room)

Wall covering

Woven vinyl flooring


It is the perfect suppliers for your commercial flooring needs such as: school, hospital, healthcare, lab, library, transportation stations, workshop, clean room etc.



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