The Best Flooring for Hospital: Homogeneous vinyl sheet

Hospitals are medical institutions that provide medical care services for people. Not only the patients and the wounded came to the hospital, but also some pregnant women, newborns and some people for physical examination. With the continuous improvement of hospital construction level all over the world, people pay more and more attention to the medical environment. Hospital grade flooring is not only need to be economical and beautiful to protect patients, but also need long life and easy maintenance.

Below we will talk about why homogeneous vinyl sheet is the best hospital vinyl flooring.

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10 reasons why Homogeneous vinyl sheet is the best flooring for hospital:

1. Easy installation

The homogeneous hospital grade sheet vinyl flooring will not produce any dust during installation, and the paving process is simple and convenient, so as to avoid secondary pollution after decoration. Normally it will take only 72 hours from installation to official use.  And vinyl sheet flooring installation is the best choice for hot welding for large area installation such as hospital. 

2. Sound absorption and noise reduction

In terms of sound absorption, the homogeneous vinyl sheet provides excellent expressiveness, and the silencing law reaches 15-19 dB, which means that the patient speaks normally in the space provided by the high-quality floor. The effect of sound decibel on the surrounding environment is like someone whispering in his ear. It can bring patients a quiet and comfortable environment. This is the basic requirements for hospital floor material.

3. Resilient and comfortable

The hospital is a place with a large flow of people. Under the action of local pressure, the vinyl flooring will instantly produce resilient deformation, which increases the surface friction coefficient and is not easy to slip when walking. At the same time, the homogeneous vinyl sheet has certain shock absorption performance, the foot feels comfortable, and the soft resilience can eliminate the fatigue during walking, giving people a comfortable and relaxed feeling. And it can well prevent patients from falling and abrading.

Hospital grade flooring will sure need this to protect people. 

4. Fire resistant

The thermal insulation performance and low toxicity of smoke in case of fire are outstanding. It is especially suitable for places where similar hospitals have special requirements for ground materials. The combustion resistance of the homogeneous vinyl sheet is very good, and the smoke emitted during combustion does not contain any corrosive gases. At the same time, it can resist the burning of cigarettes (the burning point of cigarettes is as high as 600-800 ℃). According to the 1399 test standard, the vinyl flooring material will not leave permanent traces. This will sure protect the hospital and patients.

5. Visual therapy

The high-quality homogeneous vinyl sheet has rich colors and stable colors. The mosaic design replaces the rigid hospital environment to create a safe, comfortable and pleasant rehabilitation environment. The quiet and comfortable environment and pleasant colors virtually eliminate the patient’s resistance to the hospital, reduce the patient’s anxiety and help the patient’s rest and recovery. You can also choose suitable colors according to various wards, which can be matched with children’s wards and simple wards.

6. Antibacterial and fungicidal

Patients’ resistance is weak. If they are infected by bacteria, it will affect their recovery. In general, hospitals choose environmentally friendly vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring does not contain any toxic chemicals and will not emit an unpleasant smell. The hospital vinyl flooring adopts seamless technology, which will not breed bacteria and is green and environment-friendly. Using high-temperature vulcanization process, the product surface has no pores, which can effectively inhibit bacteria and fungi on the hospital flooring surface and effectively prevent bacteria from propagating inside and outside the floor.

Homogeneous hospital vinyl sheet flooring roll 3

7. Easy to clean and maintain

The hospital has a large flow of people and a lot of dirt on the floor. The homogeneous vinyl sheet can generally be cleaned with a wet mop, saving time and effort. There is no need to wax after installation. It can be as smooth as new only by general daily maintenance.

More importantly, homogeneous vinyl flooring cleaning is fast and easy. 

8. Wear resistance and durability

In hospitals with large flow of people, only the flooring with high wear resistance can meet the demand. The long durability of the homogeneous vinyl sheet is attributed to its good recovery (en433), softness (en435) and wear resistance (ISO 4649). Due to the particularity of vinyl materials and the successful grafting of science and technology, the homogeneous vinyl sheet is generally “long-lived”, and the maintenance is simple, which reduces the trouble caused by the replacement of medical ground materials.

9. Water proof & Skid Resistant

Homogeneous vinyl sheet is water proof, you can just clean the water and that’s all good. It will not hurt the flooring quality.

It also has good anti-skid performance, and the more astringent it is in case of water, it will not fall due to careless sprinkling of liquid medicine on the ground.

10. Lower cost.

Vinyl sheet flooring is with the lowest cost among all hospital grade flooring. 

Basically only rubber flooring and vinyl sheet flooring can meet above requirements in hospital flooring selection. But rubber flooring is about 2-3 times higher cost than vinyl sheet flooring, which makes the vinyl sheet flooring the best and only choice for hospital flooring. So there are a lot more healthcare flooring manufacturers than rubber flooring suppliers.

Conclusion: The Best Flooring for Hospital is Homogeneous vinyl sheet

Note: For the flooring in the operating room, we recommend ESD (electrostatic discharge) homogeneous vinyl sheet, it will better protect the dotor&patient and medical equipments

Introduction of Longda homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring product.

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