Top 5 Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Johor Bahru

Vinyl flooring is the hottest flooring materials today. It has the advantages of super durable, water resistant, fire resistant, slip resistant, antibacterial and lower cost. It is a perfect choice for both commercial and residential flooring applications.

Johor Bahru is the capital of Johor, and it is the second largest city in Malaysia. It is the southern gate of Malaysia with good development in industrial, transport and commercial segments. The demand for vinyl flooring is increasing a lot for it is rapid development of economy. Most of the vinyl floorings are imported from other countries, mainly from China.

Today we will list the 5 best vinyl flooring suppliers in Johor Bahru.

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Top 5 Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Johor Bahru

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2003

Main products: vinyl sheet, homogeneous vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, ESD vinyl flooring, LVT, LVP, vinyl sheet flooring, hospital vinyl sheet flooring, vinyl tile flooring, SPC, WPC, outdoor decking, wallpaper, rubber tile, laminate flooring, engineered hardwood flooring, carpet, carpet tile,


MITALEE is the largest distributor and stockiest in Southern Region of Malaysia. We specialise in “FLOORMART” carpet, “ECOSOFT” carpet tile, wallpaper, “TIMBERGO” vinyl tile, “POLYFLOR” vinyl sheet, “TACHITICA” blinds, solar control film, “GREEDWOOD” wallpanel & decking, “ROBINA” & “SUPER” laminate flooring.

Other than products, we also focusing on deliver quality after sales services. We can be conceptualizing your idea into the design that exactly what you want. Our customer service representative will serve you in the warmest and friendly manner.

We offer:

Reliable and professional consultation

Accessibility and Availability

Hassle-free flooring solution

Reasonable and affordable payment solution

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 1992

Main products: sheet vinyl, homogeneous vinyl sheet, heterogeneous vinyl sheet, ESD vinyl sheet, timber vinyl, SPC vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank, carpet, carpet tile, broadloom carpet, carpet grass, underlayment, PVC flooring, roll PVC flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, wallpaper, window blind, curtain,

Saujana Pesona

Saujana Pesona Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 22nd August 1992 and established Johor Bahru Branch on 19th July 2013 with the intention of providing an avenue for our various types of Building’s interior and exterior products, catering for every professional need.


During this period of time, we received strong support from our suppliers and clients. Saujana Pesona Sdn Bhd had expanded the business from our principle product of just selling carpet rugs to many various interior design products.


The test through time has strengthened Saujana Pesona Sdn Bhd. Today, our products had cover most soft furnishing décor products. We had successfully turn Saujana Pesona Sdn Bhd a ONE STOP SOFT FURNISHING CENTER. Our service cater not only on just supply on products, we also have a team of experience technicians to provide product’s assemble, installation services and also after sales services.


Therefore, our aim is to make life more comfortable for people in hospitality, commercial, residential and end user. Saujana Pesona Sdn Bhd is the solution to enrich comfort in today’s living.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 1993

Main products: normal vinyl tile, vinyl floor, SPC, interlock SPC, vinyl wood, innclick SPC, carpet roll, carpet rug, carpet tile, curtains, blinds, grass carpet, laminate flooring, wallpaper


Owing to the demand for an exquisite of working an environment and a comfortable ambience homes at an affordable price throughout Malaysia and our zeal to satisfy this demand gap, CSS CARPET AND WALLPAPER SDN BHD was born.


Established in the year 1993, CSS CARPET AND WALLPAPER SDN BHD has set out to become a colossus in interior design of homes and offices. From a modest beginning of 2 staff, the company’s continuous growth strategy over the year has transformed it to an employer of over 50 workers. Our pool of skilled designer with their flair for beauty is our strength. Our vast knowledge of the market and ability to see each business transaction as a relationship building opportunity had contributed to our impressive clientele base.


Now we have become to be one of the biggest suppliers in this industry anchored on high level of customer satisfaction.


All the above was achieved by engaging skilled, dedicated and professional management team and workforce, as well as with the association of our company with established and reputable Association, Architect, Consultants, Interior Designer, Developers, Contractors and Manufacturers.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2013

Main products: luxury vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, rigid core SPC vinyl flooring, click vinyl flooring, laminate flooring,


TOCOS LIVING is one of the leading flooring companies in southern Malaysia. We provide service of flooring supply, SPC vinyl flooring and flooring installation.

Our flooring coverings are from world class factories. We choose the stylish colors and make sure it is popular patterns in the market.  We have more than 100 wood design for your idea choose. The quality is good, and it is all hassle free flooring solution.

Our price is reasonable and affordable; you can always count on us with your budget.

We are one stop flooring solution provider, we have professional sales team to give you flooring consultant, and we have skillful employees to do your installation.

You will sure enjoy out of expectation service to work with us.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 1997

Main products: vinyl flooring, SPC flooring, outdoor decking, solid wood flooring, engineered flooring, laminated flooring,


Since 1997, Floor Inc is a leading provider of quality vinyl flooring solutions in Malaysia.

Our goal is to provide beautiful and quality flooring materials in Malaysia. We have strong partnership with our flooring manufacturers. All of our products are fully tested before shipped out of the factory. We have all the certificates needed in Malaysia. Durability is guarantee on our flooring.

We have a large selection of flooring styles and colors. No matter you are in household needs, commercial needs or industrial needs, you can always find the most suitable flooring materials from our company.

When it comes to safe and solid floors, you can take a confident step with FloorInc.

Alternative choice: Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers from China

If you are buying a big quantity, or you need vinyl flooring for commercial projects; you can also buy the vinyl flooring from China. 

As most of the companies are import vinyl flooring from China, you can save cost if you are buying directly from China. 

Top 10 Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers in China

Among which, Longda flooring is the largest vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China.

Main products included:

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

ESD vinyl flooring

Wall covering

Woven vinyl flooring


It is the perfect suppliers for your commercial flooring needs such as: school, hospital, healthcare, lab, library, transportation stations, workshop, clean room etc.



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