What Are The Advantages of Vinyl Flooring in Kindergarten

The vinyl flooring in kindergarten has obvious advantages such as environmental protection, healthy material performance, comfortable body feeling, safety and durability, and beautiful pavement. It has not only become the main installation material for children’s early education centers, kindergartens, training institutions, schools and other places, but also gradually become a trend.

The vinyl floor of the kindergarten can meet the requirements of the kindergarten such as antibacterial, environmental protection, colorful, safe, comfortable, antifouling and anti-skid, easy maintenance, strong applicability, mold design, etc.


The special PVC floor for preschool education system is made of environment-friendly raw materials and additives; Special technical support, 100% non-toxic and free of heavy metals, fully meet the needs of children and students for green space.


According to the special educational needs of different children, children and young people in developing students’ learning activities and sports, we can customize professional floors with beautiful lines, moderate anti-slip, rich colors, and strong safety protection to ensure the excellent applicability and practicality of enterprises.


The specially designed surface texture and foam board structure are suitable for floor friction, with strong anti-skid safety, and do not worry about the hard injury after falling. The board has cushioning and elasticity resistance when contacting, ensuring a comfortable body feeling, safe shock absorption and resilience, greatly reducing the pressure on the back, legs and ankles, and meeting the requirements of ergonomics.


The special PVC floor for preschool education system has excellent sound absorption performance, which makes the sound absorption effect reach 15 dB, and ensures the quiet learning environment of the education system;


The design of super-thick wear-resistant layer and super-strong entrained stable layer can fully meet the support and use requirements of large amount of plates. Bear general local point load pressure, such as table legs, chair wheels, etc. There will be no fracture and permanent dent. The high-quality professional preschool education PVC floor can guarantee more than 10 years.


For learning and sports venues with a large amount of activities, the PVC surface needs to be added with a new UV treatment layer for enterprises, which has special educational effects such as anti-pollution, anti-bacterial, anti-static, non-dust absorption, and easy cleaning of the surface. Using a common mop treatment technology can achieve a new effect, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of environmental cleaning and maintenance management.


According to the functional requirements of pre-school education in different regions and regions, customize patterns, design professional programs, provide all-round services and tracking, and ensure high-quality and high-quality image project construction. The vinyl flooring in kindergarten is easy to operate and users can rest assured.

So it is very important to find a reliable sheet vinyl flooring manufacturer.

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