Vinyl Sheet Flooring is the Best Commercial Flooring

With the advancement of socialization, there are more and more restaurants and private restaurants appearing on the streets, and the traditional way of life for the vast majority of people was to not move to restaurants. What kind of restaurant can be attractive? Vinyl flooring must undoubtedly be unique. In addition to decoration, the most important thing is the floor. Customized PVC flooring has also become an important role in the restaurant.

Customized PVC flooring can imagine the color of the air according to the atmosphere of the restaurant, paired with different flooring qualities and materials. Using customized vinyl flooring provides designers with the greatest imagination space. Moreover, the wear-resistant properties of customized PVC flooring are extremely satisfying for places with high pedestrian traffic such as restaurants. Ordinary table and chair movements and friction handling in daily life will not have very clear wear and tear.

The biggest feature of restaurants is that they are prone to oil and water stains, and the floor can also experience oil and water stains. When using plastic flooring in the air, you can simply wipe it with a mop or cloth. The plastic flooring has antibacterial and moisture-proof properties, and will not cause mold due to humidity issues. It can be used with peace of mind.

In short, Vinyl sheet flooring has a single variety of patterns, safe and environmentally friendly, and excellent slip resistance. It not only effectively maintains the safety of diners, but also pleases people’s physical and mental well-being. Choosing sheet vinyl flooring as a floor decoration material in restaurants can be said to have many advantages.

With the progress of the economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, vinyl flooring has become popular due to its wide range of pattern choices, wear resistance, anti slip, and long service life. More and more public service places are using PVC vinyl flooring.

The application range of PVC vinyl flooring is constantly expanding, and there are now ten major venues, some of which you may not be aware of yet

10 applications of vinyl flooring


  1. Infant and toddler service facilities


In places with children, considering safety, the application requirements for flooring are extremely strict. For places such as kindergartens, early childhood education centers, and infant swimming pools, PVC plastic flooring is the floor with the highest probability of use.


  1. Sports and fitness venues


The requirements for the floor are very high in sports and fitness occasions, such as the gym, sports center, gymnasium, etc.


  1. School educational venues


There is a high demand for PVC vinyl flooring in educational settings in schools, and it can be widely used in laboratories, reporting halls, libraries, offices, etc.


  1. Business Center


With the prosperity of the real estate market, many trade centers will continue to drum up in various places. As a place with great passenger flow, the commercial market for PVC flooring is huge, including large supermarkets, commercial squares, office buildings, etc. Plastic flooring is anti-skid, wear-resistant, and comfortable to use in these places.


  1. Medical service facilities


The primary requirements for flooring in medical settings are anti slip, sound absorption, and sound insulation. PVC plastic flooring has these characteristics and is superior to wooden and marble flooring. Hospitals, clinics, epidemic prevention stations, etc. can all be used.


  1. Accommodation facilities


As the primary occasion for welcoming customers to stay, hotels have high requirements for harmony in the group environment. The color scheme and quality performance of plastic flooring can well meet the needs. Star rated hotels, themed hotels, homestays, etc. can all use personalized and powerful plastic flooring.


  1. Catering venues


With the improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demands for dining occasions are also increasing. Air, matching, and color are all high demands, and the combination of plastic flooring patterns, color coordination, and easy cleaning and management perfectly meet the needs of dining places. There is a wide demand for various types of restaurants, branded restaurants, and specialty snacks.


  1. Elderly care service institutions


We have entered an aging society, and elderly care institutions are making rapid progress. The air data requirements for elderly care environments are harmonious, peaceful, warm, and slip resistant. Nowadays, more and more elderly people are entering nursing homes to take care of themselves, which is another important market segment for the demand of the plastic flooring industry.


  1. Exhibition halls


Whether children or adults, when living and leisure, they need to go to many occasions to receive common sense and broaden their horizons. Such occasions are becoming more and more common, such as science and technology museums, museums, theme museums, memorial halls, etc. Plastic flooring can be used for functional differentiation and pattern design paving to better meet the requirements of the scene


  1. Family Place


Many families also have increasingly high needs for aerial materials, with divergent ideas for classrooms, dormitories, and children’s rooms. In particular, the requirements for children’s rooms are becoming increasingly high, with freshness, warmth, comfort, environmental protection, safety, and individuality being the expected goals of many parents. In today’s advocacy of environmental protection, energy conservation, and sustainability, PVC plastic flooring has developed a vast segmented market.

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