Top 8 Vinyl Flooring Companies in Korea

Vinyl flooring is becoming the most popular flooring materials today. It is eco-friendly 100% recyclable. It is durable, waterproof, fireproof, slip resistant, antibacterial and comfort to walk. We can foresee the rapid growth each year.


Korea is one of the biggest countries today; actually Korea is one of the most famous vinyl flooring supplying country. It is easy to imagine that there will be huge demand for vinyl flooring. With the development of healthcare, hospital, transportation center and school; the demand for vinyl flooring is increasing rapidly.

Today we will list the 8 best vinyl flooring companies in Korea.

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Top 8 Vinyl Flooring Companies in Korea


Company type: manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, installation

Year found: 1947

Main products: Homogeneous vinyl flooring, heterogeneous sheet vinyl, ESD vinyl flooring, LVT, Luxury vinyl tile, LVP, luxury vinyl plank, SPC, residential sheet vinyl flooring, commercial vinyl sheet flooring, 균질 에틸렌 베이스보드, 비균질 에틸렌 베이스보드, ESD 에틸렌 베이스보드, LVT, 럭셔리 에틸렌 타일, LVP, 럭셔리 에틸렌 패널, SPC, 주택 에틸렌 시트 바닥, 상업용 에틸렌 시트 바닥,


LX Hausys is the largest architectural and decorative materials company in Korea. We are proving the best quality products to help people with better living space.

We are providing sustainable products to make sure it is eco-friendly. Our production facilities are with less carbon emission. This will also help to save energy.

Our good reputation globally is the prove of our good quality and service. Our professional staffs are working hard to make sure we are making the quality materials, and we are leading the market trend in new technology and new products. This is team work spirits, and this is also our innovation.

Flooring is also one of our main products. We are the largest vinyl flooring suppliers in Korea. And our sales is increasing every year.

Company type: manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, installation

Year found: 2007

Main products: LVT, luxury vinyl tile, SPC, LVP, vinyl plank,


PERN Surfaces is a professional manufacturer in Korea for vinyl floor tiles.

Design is our most advantage, we have a team specially working on develop the most popular colors and designs for the flooring. We listen to our customers, we are sensitive to the market trend and market change. We react fast with new product and designs. All this help us to provide the most beautiful LVT design in Korea.

Korea made vinyl flooring is also with good quality. We are serving both domestic market and oversea markets. Our innovative design is making our vinyl flooring selling in the International market.

Company type: manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, installation

Year found: 2014

Main products: LVT, vinyl tile, vinyl plank, SPC, rigid core vinyl flooring,


Found in 2014, KTE is quickly become one of the leading LVT manufacturers in Korea. We have our own brands, and we also selling OEM for oversea customers.

Nature is our core concept. Our designs and colors are following the Nature, so the customer will feel themselves living in the natural spaces and comfortable spaces when using our flooring.

We also choose eco-friendly materials and technology to make sure we are making sustainable flooring materials in the market. This will also help to save energy.

Our professional workers are our company asset, with the help from them, we have the chance to go global, and to be one of the best brands in LVT.

Company type: manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, installation

Year found: 2009

Main products: loose lay LVT, loose lay acoustic LVT, click lock SPC, dray back LVT, anti-static tile,


Found in 2009, KDF is one of the leading global flooring manufacturers. We got reputation for our good quality and beautiful designs and colors.

Our flooring is in good quality with more than 20 years warranty. It is durable and long lasting.

Our price is competitive. When comparing with other International brands, our quality is similar, while the cost is much lower. This will help us to gain bigger market share.

We are helping every customers to have more beautiful and comfortable living spaces. We will guarantee all the customers’ satisfaction.

We will keep invest more on innovation, and make sure we are always leading the market trend.

Company type: manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, distributor, installation, importer,

Year found: 2008

Main products: carpet, LVT, acoustic LVT, vinyl flooring, vinyl plank,


Found in 2008, from importing and distributing oversea brands of flooring, we are now one of the biggest flooring companies in Korea.

Our mission is to make all our customer fell riched and harmonious in the house. It is healthy, comfortable and beautiful living space.

We are trusted company, we always provide the best quality flooring with timely delivery and competitive prices.

We listen to our customers, and we recommend the most suitable flooring solution for them. We will make sure all the customers will eventually get what they want.

We are still growing.

Alternative choice: Vinyl Flooring suppliers from China

If you are buying a big quantity, or you need vinyl flooring for commercial projects; you can also buy the vinyl flooring from China.

Top 10 Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers in China

Among which, Longda flooring is the largest vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China.

Main products included:

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

ESD vinyl flooring

Wall covering

Woven vinyl flooring


It is the perfect suppliers for your commercial flooring needs such as: school, hospital, healthcare, lab, library, transportation stations, workshop, clean room etc.



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