Top 6 Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Selangor Malaysia

Vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular. With the advantages of super durable, slip resistant, waterproof, fireproof, resilient and affordable, it is the perfect flooring material for both commercial application and residential application.

Vinyl flooring demand in Selangor is increasing rapidly cause the building construction is developed fast.

Today we will list the 6 best vinyl flooring suppliers in Selangor. Hope people in Selangor will be easier to find their best vinyl flooring companies.

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Top 6 Vinyl Flooring Suppliers in Selangor

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 1994

Main products: Gerflor vinyl flooring, homogeneous vinyl flooring, heterogeneous vinyl flooring, ESD vinyl flooring, acoustic vinyl flooring, specialty vinyl flooring, safety vinyl flooring, sports vinyl flooring, carpets, seating, artificial turf,


Wiraflor is set up in 1994. About 30 years hard work in flooring covering industry, we are now a leading vinyl floor covering company in Malaysia. We are specialized in both commercial and residential floorings.

We are a one stop flooring solution provider. We are not only provide flooring sales, but also flooring consultant, flooring installation and after installation support. You can always count on us for all your vinyl flooring needs.

We are partnering with local and international manufacturers, to supply the best quality of flooring materials. We will make sure our products are in good quality, and our colors are leading the market trend. So we can always ensure a better life to you.

We also provide flooring maintenance service with our state of the art equipment and tools.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2014

Main products: Vinyl flooring, LVT, LVP, SPC, WPC, wall panel, laminate flooring, hybrid flooring, timber flooring,

VIVA floor

VIVA floor prides itself on unequaled expertise in producing stylish and quality laminate, hybrid flooring, SPC, decking, decorative wall panel, hardwood flooring, and engineered hardwood floors. VIVA floor has large facilities readily available to fulfill clients’ orders with speed and dependable availability.


Our depth of experience and expertise in the wood flooring industry allows us to offer the ideal combination of prompt delivery and accurate service. We take pride in using quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and exacting safety and quality control measures to ensure that each and every customer receives the highest quality product. With numerous and varied styles to choose from, each collection comes with its own factory warranty. In addition to offering the finest products available today, we are also committed to delivering superior service.


Our highly trained, dedicated team strives for excellence in every way. The diversity of our people is our best asset and their value is a central part of VIVA floor. Our goal is to ensure each transaction is conducted smoothly and each and every client is satisfied not only with their actual purchase, but with their total purchasing experience.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2012

Main products: looselay LVT, looselay LVP, VCT, click lock luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, woven vinyl flooring,


Explore Woodfeel’s unparalleled selection of the most exquisite, innovative and beautifully practical vinyl floorings (LVT). Aesthetic FINENESS combined with proven DURABILITY for flooring that look incredible for a good long time.


Woodfeel lets you bring elegance and beauty to your floors, at home and at work. From the warmth of natural wood hues and grain, to the solid elegance of stone, to the sleek modernity of trendy designs, there’s so much more to choose with Woodfeel.


Woodfeel’s comprehensive system gives you the creative freedom to mix and match, add decorative borders, blend textures and trims, harmonize colours and finishes and explore dramatic contrasts.


Whatever you choose you can count floorings that are easy to care for, hardwearing and long lasting.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2018

Main products: homogeneous flooring, heterogeneous flooring, ESD flooring, safety vinyl flooring, carpet, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank, Armstrong vinyl flooring,

Oracle contract

Established in 2018, part of the fastest-growing, most progressive family of flooring companies, Oracle Contract Sdn Bhd. We stand for confidence in quality, relentless service and doing right by all. As an experienced floor covering specialist, we have been credited with an extensive know-how in the market by offering a wide range of products including modular carpet, broadloom carpet, vinyl tile, vinyl sheet, architectural expansion joint system which suits hospitals, schools, housing, hotels, offices, multi-purposes hall, etc.


We work closely with architects, designers and users to better understand each and every client’s needs and tailored a solution according to their specific requirements. With an all rounded in-house team of designers, technicians, project managers and skilled craftsmen, we continue to deliver high-quality, value for money product & custom solutions.


We continue to deliver many quality and high-end projects, that lasts for many years, and we are trusted by Valued Clients who expect no less than the best and the reliable.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2016

Main products: click lock SPC, waterproof LVT, click LVT, luxury vinyl tile, luxury vinyl plank,

Eco tree

Eco Tree Deco Sdn Bhd is a flooring supplier company. Our main office is located in Petaling Jaya (PJ), Selangor, Malaysia. We offer flooring services to customers in residential and commercial sectors, especially in school hall flooring, kindergarten classroom flooring, restaurant flooring, showroom flooring, office carpet flooring, as well as gym and fitness center flooring.


Our qualified staffs are come with great flooring skill and have the expriences to help customers solve their flooring needs. We are also able to handle any home and office renovations project professionally from beginning to completion.


Our main objective is to provide customer first class of products and outstanding services that exceed our clients expectations. With over many years of experience in this industry, we provide professional service to ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our works.

Company type: importer, distributor, wholesaler, installation

Year found: 2002

Main products: luxury vinyl tiles, luxury vinyl planks, vinyl flooring, epoxy coating, PU coating

Advanced Polytech

Incorporated in 2002, Advanced Polytech has an outstanding record of over 15 years. With our Customer-Centered approach, we aim to delight every Customer with our LONG LASTING FLOOR / WALL SOLUTIONS meeting specific Industry or Customer requirements.


Advanced Polytech is the trusted sole distributor and installer of three top quality US /UK brands– STONHARD, FIBERGRATE and KARNDEAN and the authorized installer for other quality floor systems.

Alternative choice: Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers from China

If you are buying a big quantity, or you need vinyl flooring for commercial projects; you can also buy the vinyl flooring from China. 

As most of the companies are import vinyl flooring from China, you can save cost if you are buying directly from China. 

Top 10 Vinyl Flooring Manufacturers in China

Among which, Longda flooring is the largest vinyl sheet flooring manufacturer from China.

Main products included:

Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

Heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring

ESD vinyl flooring

Wall covering

Woven vinyl flooring


It is the perfect suppliers for your commercial flooring needs such as: school, hospital, healthcare, lab, library, transportation stations, workshop, clean room etc.



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