Stone Look Vinyl Sheet Flooring Project

Living in nature has been a secret to staying at the top of the global happiness index for many years, and it is also one of the lifestyles that are deeply loved by mainstream consumer groups today.


The connotation of nature is far more than that. If we want to give it a definition, it is probably: to be close and let beauty and life meet unexpectedly.


Star Rock series from Longda Flooring with nature, unleashing more creativity and vitality.


Star Rock heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring incorporates philosophical thinking into modern living spaces. The floor is as round as jade, and the space and lines are smooth and natural.


Add appropriate low saturation color matching strategies to make the living space more fresh and soft.


The elegance of the cool color scheme and the liveliness of the warm color scheme are cleverly matched to enhance the visual quality of the entire space in a straight line.


A simple but not simple style is the quickest way to increase happiness.


The surface treatment of Longda Flooring is very delicate, with a particular emphasis on materials. It inherits the permeability and special texture of stone, with a slightly cooler color tone. Gently stepping on it, it seems like you can experience this uncut beauty.


Unlike the classic wood grain flooring, the light colored stone pattern provides a more unique sensory experience, using the rare natural rock style as the design blueprint for reproduction, which is more creative and artistic.


The natural atmosphere creates a unique and gentle harbor for home living spaces.


Consumers can flexibly match and choose to decorate their space according to their different needs, get close to nature and relax themselves, and gradually appreciate the details of life.

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