Sports Vinyl Flooring Project: National Hebei Chengde Sports Training Base

Project name: National Hebei Chengde Sports Training Base

Project area: 6000 square meter

Sports vinyl flooring supplier: Longda Flooring

In November 2019, the construction of the National Hebei Chengde Sports Training Base began, and on September 10, 2020, the base was unveiled. The base is located in the Saihanba Subplateau of Yudaokou Pasture Management Zone in Chengde City, with an altitude of over 1300 meters. It is positioned as a world-class training base, with a planned total area of 355.8 acres and a total investment of approximately 797 million yuan. The construction projects include Hebei Chengde Saihanba National Ice Training Center, Disk Ski Skating Air Film Training Center, Cross country Ski Track, Cross country Ski Track Air Film Engineering, Sports Training Center (Physical Fitness Training Center, Swimming Center), Indoor Track and Field Training Center, and Track and Field Field Field.


In order to welcome the national team’s track and field athletes for training here and prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics, Longda Flooring undertook the installation and laying of outdoor track and field fields at the training base, and provided multi-functional rubber products and prefabricated track products for the national ice training center and indoor track and field training centers.


The outdoor track and field adopts Longda Flooring prefabricated rubber track, which meets the requirements of the European Union EN14877 standard. It has been certified by the WA World Athletics Federation and the CAA China Athletics Association, and has passed the extremely strict GREENGUARD Green Guardian Gold certification internationally, ensuring that low VOC volatile emissions do not contain dangerous or harmful substances. Designed specifically for athletes to achieve excellent results, it has excellent energy return characteristics and sports comfort, while ensuring a perfect combination of impact absorption and rebound required for jumping sports. The sports and environmental performance of Longda Flooring not only ensure the safety of athletes’ training and competition, stimulate sports performance, but also ensure a more friendly and healthy sports environment.


With a pleasant ecological environment and geographical advantages of sub plateau, sub plateau training not only has a certain degree of hypoxia stimulation, but also maintains the training intensity of the plain, maximizing the potential of athletes’ bodies and improving their sports performance. The combination of the red Longda Flooring and the emerald green of the grassland creates a refreshing atmosphere. In this beautiful scenery with blue skies and white clouds, national track and field athletes are here to sweat, embrace youth, work hard for their dreams, and bravely move forward towards their goals.


Looking forward to being at this world-class training base, on the track of Longda Flooring, in the next Olympic cycle, in every season in the future; Provide a good training environment for Chinese athletes who work hard and strive to improve themselves into a sustainable one


At present, Longda Flooring has participated in the construction and renovation of five training bases in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Saihanba, Beijing, and Rizhao, and will continue to improve the training environment for track and field athletes, align with international competitions, and contribute to the Chinese track and field industry.

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