Longda Flooring Project Chifeng Hospital

Project Name: Chifeng Hospital

Project Area: 280,000 square meter

Flooring Supplier: Longda Flooring ( Homogeneous vinyl sheet, ESD, Heterogeneous Sheet Vinyl)

As a major livelihood project that attracts the attention of the people, Chifeng City in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region launched a major livelihood project in 2022. The first phase of the Chifeng Hospital construction project, including Ward 2 and Outpatient Medical Technology Building 4, has been completed.

Project Overview

The construction project of Chifeng Hospital officially began in May 2022, covering an area of 200 acres and a building area of 280000 square meters. The planned investment is 2.2 billion yuan and it is expected to be completed by 2025.

The project is divided into two phases of construction. The first phase has a construction area of 165000 square meters (including 55000 square meters underground) and is equipped with 600 beds. The total construction area of Phase II project is 117000m ² (including 25000m ² underground), with 900 beds set up.


The main body of the project is to construct emergency center rooms, emergency rooms, outpatient rooms, fever clinics, ward buildings, medical technology buildings, scientific research training and teaching centers, as well as relatively independent infectious disease inpatient buildings that combine epidemic prevention and control.


The main roof of Ward 2 and Outpatient Medical Technology Building 4 of Phase I project has been completed. The secondary structure masonry has also been basically completed. The internal steel structure installation has been completed, and other related specialties such as ventilation, air conditioning, and fire protection have also entered the site for installation.

Hospital Grade Vinyl Sheet Flooring 2

Project design

The architecture is based on the original theme of “healing the harbor”, and the curve design of the podium symbolizes the soothing connection of the harbor to the shoreline. The three main buildings are compared to the sailing shadows of the return voyage, nestled together in the harbor, expressing a warm and friendly care for life.


Building in the medical area emphasizes the flow of horizontal lines, while the administrative science and education area advocates a sculptural sense of the building, and utilizes gray spaces and enclosed courtyards to enrich the landscape along the medical main street, strengthening the connection between the two plots.


The architectural color is fresh and warm, mainly composed of milky white and gray coffee colored aluminum panels. In some spaces, yellow color aluminum panels with relatively active colors are used for blending, creating a warm medical environment atmosphere.


The architectural community places particular emphasis on shaping the place and interacting with the natural environment, aiming to create a new era regional comprehensive medical center with advanced equipment and facilities, first-class environment, and leading technology.


Hospital Grade Vinyl Sheet Flooring 3

Interior decoration

The interior decoration engineering of the Chifeng Hospital construction project takes the concept of healing harbor as its design concept, creating a homecoming harbor experience through elegant curves like flowing water. It is not a traditional hospital design sense, adopts modern design techniques and international standards, emphasizes a green and healthy indoor environment, and combines color blocks extracted from local natural scenery to create spatial characteristics and a warm experience like a star rated hotel.

After the completion of the project, it will become a powerful lever for Chifeng Hospital to strengthen the regional medical center in Inner Mongolia and eastern Mongolia, and strive to become a national level regional medical center. It can effectively promote the expansion of local high-quality medical resources and the balanced layout of resources, significantly improving the overall level of medical and health services in the region


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