How Vinyl Sheet Flooring Can Meet Hospital Flooring Requirements

How to meet the special needs of medical space? Longda Flooring provides professional integrated commercial hospital grade vinyl sheet flooring and vinyl wall covering solutions

When it comes to hospitals, what comes to mind?

Hospitals, as guardians of life and health, have always been highly valued for their environment. For a long time, most people’s impression of hospitals was formal, monotonous, and white. In fact, the hospital environment not only affects the medical experience, but also relates to the physical safety of patients. So, which type of wall material is the best choice? In this issue, the Holy Elephant · Yuan Wei will introduce it to you.

11 Hospital Vinyl Flooring

Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated with Capital Medical University is a well-known tertiary hospital in China, with fruitful achievements in medical, teaching, scientific research, prevention and other fields. It is also the Third Clinical Medical College of Capital Medical University and a designated A-class medical institution for basic medical insurance in Beijing. In order to continuously improve service quality and medical level, the hospital has optimized its infrastructure construction. In this upgrade, Longda Flooring feels honored to participate and provide high-quality floor and wall materials for the hospital, jointly creating a safer, healthier, and more comfortable medical environment to serve the health of medical staff and patients.

As a partner in hospital construction, Longda Flooring provides a professional integrated floor and wall solution for Beijing Chaoyang Hospital. The medical antibacterial flooring material, Homogeneous Vinyl Sheet Flooring, has a gentle color scheme, comfortable foot feel, and is enhanced by PUR Coating. In addition, Hospital Grade Homogeneous Sheet Vinyl Flooring has wear-resistant and scratch resistant properties. Compared to products in the same category, it can effectively extend the service life of floor materials and is easy to clean, providing a healthy and reliable environmental protection for medical staff and patients.

Longda Flooring provides medical wall panels for the East Campus of the hospital. The wall panels have outstanding antibacterial and antiviral functions, and have passed the European Union’s SVHC testing. They are safe and environmentally friendly, with multiple advantages such as strong impact resistance, antibacterial and mold resistance, stain resistance, quick cleaning, and keel free installation. Their strength demonstrates the use of technology to solve many pain points in the medical field.

Meanwhile, The design of Longda Flooring Vinyl Wall covering is soft, presenting a warm color tone of logs, alleviating the tension and anxiety of patients in the medical environment, providing a more harmonious and peaceful treatment space, which reflects special attention and care for the doctor-patient relationship.

With professional exhibition care, Longda Flooring is honored to contribute to the construction of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital affiliated with Capital Medical University and safeguard the health of doctors and patients. Longda Flooring will also continue to devote itself to the research and innovation of various ideal spaces, creating unique spatial effects.


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