How to Maintain Vinyl Flooring?

With the increasing application of Vinyl flooring, the issue of flooring maintenance has become increasingly prominent. Many places have spent a big amount of money on PVC flooring maintenance, but due to a lack of professional maintenance knowledge, the maintenance effect is not significant. Long term improper maintenance can cause the vinyl flooring to lose its luster, turn yellow, black, damage, etc., which is far from achieving the expected effect and directly affects daily use.

Today we will talk about how to maintain vinyl flooring.

It is an in-depth article which takes 15 minutes to read.

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How to Maintain Vinyl Flooring?

Purpose of vinyl flooring cleaning and maintenance:

  1. Improved surface: Real time removal of dirt generated in ordinary applications, allowing PVC flooring to fully showcase its extraordinary appearance and natural glossiness.


  1. Maintenance of the floor: Protect the PVC floor from the corrosion of unexpected chemicals, cigarette residue, shoe prints, oil, and water, minimize the wear and tear of the appearance, and fully promote the durability of the floor itself, thereby extending the service life of the floor.


  1. Convenient care for nurses: Due to the meticulous surface structure and special treatment of PVC flooring, attention should be paid to daily cleaning and maintenance, which can make the floor easier to care for and extend its service life

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance Precautions:

  1. Various dirt on the ground should be cleaned in real time.
  1. It is absolutely prohibited to immerse the floor in open water. Although some areas in the air receive waterproof glue to separate water sources (such as floor drains, water rooms, etc.), long-term immersion in water can seriously affect the service life of the floor. During the cleaning process, use a water suction machine to drain the sewage in a timely manner.
  1. Absolutely prevent the use of sturdy and rough cleaning tools (such as steel wire balls, cleaning cloths, etc.) to prevent sharp objects from colliding with the floor.
  1. It is strongly recommended to place foot pads in public places with high pedestrian traffic to prevent dirt, sand, and other stains from scratching the flooring. Especially at the entrance of hospitals when we are using homogeneous vinyl flooring. This can strongly protect the flooring. 
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Cleaning and maintenance after floor installation/before use.

  1. First, remove dust and debris from the floor surface.


  1. Use a floor scrubber with red grinding discs or similar products to clean at low speed, remove grease, dust, and other dirt from the surface of the floor, and use a water suction machine to absorb the sewage.


  1. Wash with clean water and absorb dry.


  1. According to requirements, 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax can be applied.
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Daily cleaning and maintenance

  1. Clean or vacuum. Drag the dust remover onto the ground and dry it before pushing the dust.


  1. Wet mopping. Concentrate the floor cleaner with 1:20 water and use a semi wet mop to mop the floor

Regular cleaning and maintenance

  1. Clean or vacuum.


  1. The floor cleaning and polishing agent is concentrated in 1:20 water, and then mopped or ground using a high-speed polishing machine with red grinding discs.


  1. Apply 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax.


  1. According to requirements, it can be combined with a high-speed polishing machine and a white polishing pad for polishing treatment

Special dirt treatment:

  1. Oil stains: For some oil stains, directly pour the strong degreaser solution onto a towel to wipe; Large area of oil stains, concentrate the degreaser at a ratio of 1:10, and then use a floor scrubber with a red washing pad to clean at low speed.


  1. Black offset printing: Use a spray cleaning Yiyang wax joint venture high-speed polishing machine and a red polishing pad for polishing treatment. For long lasting black offset printing, it is possible to directly pour a strong offset printing remover onto a towel for wiping treatment.


  1. Glue or chewing gum: Use an amateur strong adhesive remover to indirectly pour it onto a towel and wipe to remove the vinyl flooring

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