Hospital Flooring Project Wuhan Third Hospital

Project name: Wuhan Third Hospital

Project area: 130,000 square meters

Flooring supplier: Longda Flooring (Homogeneous vinyl sheet hospital flooring)

The Wuhan Third Hospital Future City Campus Project has a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and is located on the north side of the Yangtze River Storage Base in Donghu New Technology Development Zone, north of Hugang Road and west of Future Third Road. The designed bed space is not less than 1000, with a land area of 65942.94 square meters and a total construction area of 129815 square meters. The plot ratio is 1.14, and the building density is 21.45%. The project will build a three-level comprehensive hospital with two underground floors and 22 above ground floors, and is planned to be completed by 2025.


After the project is completed, it will supplement the medical and health service facilities in the sub central city of Optics Valley Future City, providing a “science education industry research” scenario and platform for the life and health industry of Donghu Science City. As early as January 17th this year, the Management Committee of Donghu High tech Zone signed a contract with Wuhan Third Hospital to jointly build the Future Science and Technology City Campus of Wuhan Third Hospital.


On October 28th, the official website of Wuhan Public Resource Trading Center announced the launch of bidding for the construction project of Phase I of the Future Science and Technology City Campus of Wuhan Third Hospital. The project is located on Future Third Road, north of Hugang Road, Donghu New Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, with a construction period of 1095 days.


Wuhan Third Hospital, Wuhan Tongren Hospital, and Wuhan University Affiliated Tongren Hospital are large-scale comprehensive tertiary first-class hospitals that integrate medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, and prevention and protection. Currently, there are three courtyards, Shouyi, Optics Valley, and Future Technology City (under construction), with a total of 1900 beds. The Shouyi Courtyard is located on the beautiful bank of the Yangtze River and by the Yellow Crane Tower; The Optics Valley Campus is located in the hinterland of Hongshan District and Donghu High tech Zone.


Wuhan Third Hospital Future Science and Technology City New Campus is positioned as a high-tech and international smart hospital serving talents in Optics Valley. After the completion of this hospital area, it will be built into a high-level, comprehensive, and international tertiary A comprehensive hospital, becoming an important functional support for the eastern sub center of Optics Valley, and helping the future Science and Technology City become an important fulcrum of the eastern gateway node of Wuhan and the core carrier of the “Optics Valley Science and Technology Innovation Corridor”.


The first phase of the Future Science and Technology City Campus is expected to be completed and put into use in 2024. The Shouyi and Optics Valley Emergency Comprehensive Building projects are being promoted simultaneously. After all are completed, the total hospital staffing will exceed 3500 beds, achieving a new pattern of one hospital, three districts, and coordinated development.

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