Hospital Flooring Project: Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital

Project name: Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital

Project area: 100,000 square meter

Flooring supplier: Longda Flooring Homogeneous vinyl sheet flooring & ESD vinyl sheet flooring

Recently, Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital (Zengcheng Hospital Area of Guangzhou Orthopedic Hospital) officially started construction on Lihu Street in Zengcheng District. The hospital will be built into a health and wellness complex that integrates tertiary orthopedic hospitals, rehabilitation and healthcare, teaching, scientific research, prevention, and international medical exchanges. It is expected to be put into use in 2025.


Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital is a private non-profit specialized hospital built according to the standard of a tertiary orthopedic and trauma hospital. It is invested by Guangzhou Heshan Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd. and comprehensively managed by Guangzhou Orthopedic Hospital. The planned land area for the project is approximately 53 acres. The proposed building area is approximately 140000 square meters, of which the above ground building area is approximately 110000 square meters.


The project is located at the junction of Lixin Avenue and Zhanxi Avenue in Zengcheng District, adjacent to the Pearl River Delta Ring Expressway, with a planned land area of approximately 35000 square meters. The construction content mainly includes a tertiary orthopedic and trauma hospital, rehabilitation center, Huang Min Orthopedic Technique Research Institute, dormitory building, living facilities, etc.


Among them, the planned number of beds is 500, with orthopedic specialized beds accounting for over 60%; The rehabilitation center is expected to be divided into two forms: rehabilitation beds and rehabilitation apartments; The Huang Min Orthopedic Technique Research Institute has proposed teaching departments, laboratories, and co built doctoral stations.


The relevant person in charge of Zengcheng District, Guangzhou stated that Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital will bring new atmosphere to the agglomeration and innovative development of Zengcheng District’s major health industry. During the project construction period, Zengcheng District will take the implementation of the “full lifecycle service” preparation mechanism as the driving force to provide service guarantees for the project.


After the project is put into operation, it will be committed to summarizing and promoting the techniques and standards of traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics. In order to ensure the technological leadership of orthopedic hospitals, in addition to medical technology, Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital will also focus on rehabilitation technology, orthopedic techniques technology, personalized orthopedic prostheses, and other aspects. It will choose the opportunity to establish a Huangmin Orthopedic Techniques Research Institute and gradually introduce national key research and development projects, Strive to be the first innovative demonstration base of personalized prosthesis rapid prototyping 3D printing in South China. To establish the Zengcheng brand of “Guangzhou Orthopedic” treatment and create a highland for orthopedic brands in the Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area.


Guangzhou Orthopedic Hospital was founded in 1959. After more than 60 years of promotion and innovative development, it has now become a renowned traditional Chinese medicine orthopedic specialist hospital in Guangzhou and even Southeast Asia. The establishment of Guangzhou Huangmin Orthopedic Hospital will effectively supplement the healthcare strategic layout of Zengcheng Orthopedic Specialty.


In recent years, Zengcheng District of Guangzhou has responded to the strategic layout of the Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government to promote the sinking of high-quality medical resources in the central urban area and surrounding areas. It has vigorously developed the health service industry, fully integrated into the construction of the Greater Bay Area, and planned to develop a batch of international, high-level, standardized, and high-grade medical and health service industries to meet the market and public needs of the Greater Bay Area, and promote the sustainable development of Zengcheng’s economy and society.


As of now, Zengcheng has invested over 10 billion yuan to develop the health industry, introducing leading hospitals in China such as Guangzhou Maternal and Child Medical Center, Southern Hospital of Southern Medical University, and the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. At the same time, social capital has invested nearly 4 billion yuan in the construction of medical institutions in Zengcheng District. High end medical institutions such as Qianhai Life Insurance Guangzhou General Hospital, Zengcheng Huikang Hospital, Guangdong Longcheng Hospital, and Guangzhou Orthopedic Hospital Zengcheng Hospital have successively settled in Zengcheng, allowing the people of Zengcheng District to enjoy high-quality medical and health services from tertiary hospitals at their doorstep.

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