ESD Vinyl Flooring Clearance and Maintenance

The biggest feature of ESD anti-static conductive PVC floor is the use of special products to remove static electricity, so maintenance and management should pay more attention. Place mats at the entrance of the area where static electricity flooring is laid, and prepare special shoes or shoe covers for the work room to prevent contamination of the floor. Dust or many foreign objects on the surface of the floor can weaken its anti-static performance, so it is very important to keep the floor clean. The specific details are as follows:


  1. To maintain the brightness and conductivity of the floor, it is necessary to use anti-static floor wax for floor maintenance (note: regular floor wax cannot be used for floor maintenance).


  1. Avoid scratching or dragging sharp or rough heavy objects on the floor surface, avoid walking on the floor with shoes with nails, and keep the floor surface smooth and flat.


  1. Avoid placing chairs and other items with black rubber pads on the floor. To prevent black sulfides from contaminating the floor.


  1. The floor surface can be contaminated by substances such as adhesives, rubber wheels, paint, fireworks, etc., so special care should be taken. If there is oil or dirt on the surface of the floor, it can be cleaned with a cleaning agent or a central cleaning agent. If the local surface is scratched and brushed, it can be sanded with fine water sandpaper.


  1. The floor will discolor and deform under long-term sunlight exposure. At the same time, it can also deform under long-term heating, so a light barrier should be set up. Attention should be paid to the erosion of strong acid and alkali solutions on the floor to avoid deformation, warping, and loosening of the floor.


  1. If the surface of the floor is heavily dirty due to installation of equipment, please use a dedicated cleaning machine with the help of a professional to clean it.


  1. Floors can generally be waxed once every six months, and if there are too many people, waxing should be done once every three months. Our factory provides anti-static floor wax for maintenance and professional cleaning services.


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